About #Rally4Wales

What is ‪#‎Rally4Wales‬ all about?

In short, the Motor Sports Association and Natural Resources Wales are currently unable to agree on future charges for the use of forestry roads in Wales for rallying purposes. Effectively, NRW want to double the cost of using the roads as they claim that insufficient funds are received from rally use to cover the cost of repairing roads.

As a group, #Rally4Wales strongly feel that this claim should be challenged. This is further endorsed by the position taken by the Forestry Commission in England and Wales. They have just renegotiated their deal with the MSA and increased the charges by just 0.7% for the next year.

How then, can NRW justify wanting to double the cost? This potentially jeopardises more than £15 Million pounds of annual income into Wales that rallying is responsible for.

By doubling the cost of using the roads – rallying will simply cease to exist.